Matt Boutte:


The fun stuff

Matt is having the time of his life and just can't seem to sit still. You can read more about it on his blog.

Digital Nomad. What's one of the funnest things going on in Matt's life right now, you ask? He's now a digital nomad – his work is 100% online and he can work from anywhere in the world. It's pretty cool. Not sure what a digital nomad is? Look it up online.
Adventurer and Explorer. Back in high school, one of Matt's friends stated that Matt was one of the last true adventurers. Matt has been taking that to heart ever since. With his newfound freedom, Matt is hitting the road! You can follow his adventures on his blog.
Writer and Thinker. Matt has always wanted to change the world. He's spent a lot of time in the last year thinking about how he's going to do that and has had an epiphany. He's writing a book on it, but it's a labor of love and is taking some time. More on that to come!
Entreprenuer. Matt has always been working for himself in one form or another. Since taking the leap and going out completely on his own in business, he has fallen in love with self employment. He's always looking for new problems to solve and has become sought out for giving input on how simple, sustainable, fun businesses can be created.
Lover of justice and mercy. Matt has always had a deep desire to help others and make the world a better place by addressing systemic problems. With his educational background, he's well equipped to address some of those problems. He's been spending more and more time thinking about issues of income inequality and poverty and what can be done about them.
Personal finance and student loan nut. Matt knows firsthand that school can be expensive; he acquired his own portfolio of six figure debt while in law school. But, as he always does when faced with a problem, he dove into the numbers and discovered that there are a lot of options out there. He keeps up to date on the latest developments with student loans and regularly helps other borrowers navigate the complex process. But he's not just into student loan stuff. He's also into personal finance more broadly. Specifically, making conscious and informed financial decisions instead of just letting things happen by inertia. By way of his decisions, Matt recently celebrated his own zero-net-worth milestone!
Simplicity and minimalism. Matt has embraced simplicity and minimalism wholeheartedly and is loving the results. The principles of organization, decluttering, having a few nice things, and getting to the core of what truly matters are essential to happiness and contentment and gratitude. And the principles don't just apply to things; they apply to our processes, lifestyles, and relationships as well.
Happy. All of these things have culminated in every day being the best day of Matt's life. That's even the name of his blog. You should check it out, because happiness is pretty awesome.

The boring stuff (aka resume)

For a while, Matt couldn't stop going to school. You can read more about it on LinkedIn.

Undergrad. Matt went to Cal Poly for undergrad and received a bachelors of science in mathematics with an emphasis in education. This is really when the tutoring got started. All his English and history major roommates and the parents of his tutorees asked if he saw the world in numbers. His response: "You don't?"
Grad school. After undergrad, Matt needed to stick around San Luis Obispo for a few more years to wrap up some commitments. So he decided to get a masters in public policy from Cal Poly while he was waiting. It's great for conversing about public issues and analyzing problems.
Law school. After grad school, it was finally time for Matt to leave San Luis Obispo and go to law school at Georgetown in Washington, DC. He loved every minute of it. He wishes everyone could go to law school.
Practicing law. Whereas most attorneys hate law school and enjoy the practice of law, Matt was the opposite. After practicing for two years at one of the most well respected law firms on the central coast of California and a year practicing on his own, Matt decided to shelve the practice of law for the time being. Something about neckwear being too restrictive (other than bow ties).
Coaching. Right after finishing up at San Luis High, Matt was asked to start coaching water polo and swimming there. He has been coaching there ever since 2004. This is probably what set him on the course of tutoring and working with young adults to this day. In all his years of swimming (2001-2004) and coaching (2005-2010, 2014-2017), he has never lost a meet.
Tutor. Matt loves math and teaching. He's been tutoring math since he was in junior high. He paid his way through college and grad school by tutoring. Little did he realize at the time that it would end up being his career for a period of time!